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True Grit Podcast

Intimacy with Your Partner and Yourself with Olivia Seline

May 1, 2019

Olivia Seline is a leader who shows women how to lead themselves. She lead’s women to sexual liberation so they can have vibrant, intimate relationships & steamy sex lives. 

As a Sex & Success Coach for entrepreneurial women, she shows you how your sex life is DIRECTLY correlated to the success that you create and magnetize in your life and business. By turning yourself on and harnessing your sexual energy, Olivia will guide you to intimately know your power. She will walk alongside you to your self-discovery. She will show you that you have had the power all along. The power not only to love, know, trust, and feel confidently about yourself, but to change the trajectory of your relationship, your business, your life, and the lives of all of those you come in contact with to being confident there too.

We talk all things from how to have the intimacy talk with your partner to masculine feminine energy to becoming intimate with yourself! Enjoy!